2015 Presentation Handouts

Bruce Carruth, PhD. – Handouts for Antisocial Personality - Treatment

A Primer for Psychotherapy with Antisocials

Four Levels of Impairment with Antisocial Character

Possible Origins of Antisocial Character

Primary Dynamics of Antisocial Disorders

Recommended Antisocial Personalty Reading List

Six Settings for Treatment of Antisocials

Three Parallel Efforts in Treating Higher Functioning Antisocial People

Combined File of All Antisocial Personality Handouts

Bruce Carruth, PhD. – In a Town this Size

 In a Town this Size

Bruce Carruth, PhD. – Monday Plenary Presentation

Meaningful Recovery: The Process of Long‐Term Healing and Recovery from Addictive Illness

Bruce Carruth, PhD. – Antisocial Workshop

AntiSocial Workshop

BRUCE CARRUTH, PHD. – The Difficult Patient

An Overview of Personality Disorder Dynamics

Difficult People: Difficult Patients, A Framework for Intervention, Stabilization and Recovery

Three Levels of Character Pathology

Dana Cross, MSW and Jacqueline Archer, MSW

The Power of Board Games

Deb Drandoff

Facilitating a Tobacco Awareness Group

Learning about Healthy Living

Tobacco: The Next Recovery Challenge?

Lynn Eldridge

Confidentiality Class

Confidentiality Presentation


Rich Feffer, MS, CCHP and Ginger Provo, RN

Rich Feffer and Ginger Provo's Presenter Information

Hepatitis Education Project

Hepatitis C In Alaska's Department of Corrections

Terry Hamm

Documentation and Quality Assurance

Andrew R Klein, Ph.D.

Principles of Evidenced-Based Practice

Medication-Assisted Treatment & Reentry

Sandra L. Kleven

Positive Youth Development among Alaska Native Youth

Qungasvik Toolbox

Jordan Lewis, Ph.D., MSW

Behavior Heath Sobriety

 Cardwell Nuckols

Adolescent Disruptive Disorder

Suicide Prevention, Assessment and Management

Understanding Treating Cannabinoid Addictions Part1 (Pages 1-13)

Understanding Treating Cannabinoid Addictions Part2 (Pages 14-49)

Violence Assessment Risk Management

Emilie Vanhaecke, MA

5 Common Mental Health Disorders

Jennifer Wyatt

Treatment Planning MATRS

Clinical Skills in the Era of Legal Cannabis

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